Monday, November 24, 2008

Found: M. Millen's Bible

Today I found Miss M. Millen's family Bible - The Devotional Family Bible published by A. J. Holman & Co. in Philadelphia. Millen's name is written in pencil on the back inside cover page, and there are four newspaper clippings pasted into the front inside cover. Unfortunately, I don't know who Miss M. Millen is, nor do I know any of the names in the articles.

1. The first one is ripped, so all I can see is "R. J. Arnold, of ... celebrated ..."

2. MILLEN. Robert C. Millen was born March 13, 1849,. and died March 11, 1908. He is survived by his widow and four children. He served his country for three years during the Civil War. In 1889 he enlisted under the banner of King Immanuel, and served him faithfully until the end. He was a tireless worker in the church at Nowrytown, Pa. Many miss him, for he was a kind and helpful neighbor, always ready to minister to those in want. He has gone to his reward. - J. F. D.

3. Millen-Swartwout.
Quietly at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt D. Swartwout, No. 39 Walton street, in the presence only of immediate relatives, Miss Nina Isabella Swartwout and Harry H. Millen, both of this village, were married at 7:30 o'clock this morning by the Rev. Dr. Bostwick Hawley.
Mr. and Mrs. Millen left on a morning train for a sojourn in the Adirondacks. Upon their return they will reside with the bride's parents.

4. Mrs. Mary Arnold, widow of the late Robt. J. Arnold, who died Mary 11, 1905, departed this life on Sabbath morning, Oct. 7, 1906, at 5 o'clock, aged 78 years. She has been an invalid for 9 years having been confined to bed all that time. Mrs. Arnold's name was Shirley and she was married in 1850.
She is survived by the following sons and daughters: Mrs. R. C. Millen, of Nowrytown; George W., of Girard, Ohio; James of Monessen; Emma B, John N., and J. S. Telford, of near Saltsburg; and Mrs. H. S. Eakman, of near Apollo.
Funeral was held Monday afternoon conducted by Rev. Huston.

Inside the Bible, I found an envelope from Universal Corporation Insurance in Pittsburgh, Pa. addressed to Mr. Joseph Young of Edri Penna. and postmarked the 28th of May 1925. Inside is a pinkish piece of paper titled "Fire, Theft and Transportation Certificate of Insurance / TRIANGLE AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania". The Assured is Duquesne Sales Company and/or Joseph Young, insured for a new 1925 Ford that cost $429.07.

I also found a sheet of lined paper filled in with sermon notes, dated January 1914 and signed Maria C Millen. Phrases include the following: "I do not remember the books", "Do not think I ame [sic] trying to preach to you", "Jesus is the same yesterday to day and for ever."

If you have any information about the people related to this Bible, please comment or e-mail me.

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