Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who Are These People?

And why do I have their books?

Maybe my ancestors bought used books that had other people's names in them. Or maybe these books are lost & found items that were never found. Maybe they belonged to friends and relatives that I don't know about. In any case, they were all stored in my grandparents' attic and may have been in my great-grandfather H. E. Hartman's library before that.

aft. 1898
Someone whose name looks like Huson B M.Vay signs a copy of "The Latimers: A Tale of the Western Insurrection of 1794" by McCook

aft. 1898
Alice Woodward signs her copy of "The Pennsylvania Citizen" by Shimmell

Easter Day, Ida L-something receives "Daily Strength for Daily Needs" for her confirmation

The book "At Agincourt" by G. A. Henty is signed: "Yours Truly" from Clarence Northwood Xmas 1902

aft. 1903
Helen Bastian receives a beautiful copy of "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" by Kate Douglas Wiggin

On June 2, Lucia gives H. E. Lelling(?) "The Garden of Allah" by Robert Hichens

Marea gives Joe the book "The Shepherd of the Hills" by Harold Bell Wright to celebrate his graduation on May 24.

aft. 1926
Helen M. Cleary puts elegant nameplates in the books "The Twins At Home" and "The Twins' Wedding" by Dorothy Whitehall

A recent graduate receives "Byrd's Great Adventure" by Francis Trevelyan Miller from his or her affectionate uncle John P. Bauds.

aft. 1946
Mrs. Charles A. Woods of Sewickley, Pennsylvania sticks her address label in the book "From the Top of the Stairs" by Gretchen Finletter

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